Our client came to us with this Bentley Continental, that had suffered from a cracked front bumper and slight denting to the front wing.

The wheel arch area was stripped down to gain access to bumper attachments and to repair the dents to the wing.

The cracked bumper was prepared and plastic welded using a aluminium mesh to ensure the repair is durable and permanent. an addition of a 2 part adhesive was used to further reinforce the rear of the cracks.

A 2 component primer was then applied and cured using infra red. this new primer was then sanded to ensure a perfect surface for the following application of base coat and then lacquer.

Once the final coats of lacquer were cured, the paint work was hand flatted to match the texture of the rest of the paint work and then a 3 stage machine polish was carried out to a high gloss finish.

This repair took approximately 6 hours to complete and saved the customer the high costs of a replacement bumper from the manufacturer.