The process starts with giving the panel a thorough clean and de-grease.

The scratch damage is repaired using tried and tested professional repair methods.

Once the scratch is removed a 3 stage process of primer, base coat and lacquer is then professionally applied to restore the original finish

Any minor dust particles are then removed and the new paint is machine polished back to a high gloss.

We will eliminate those unsightly blemishes, by perfectly matching the paint colour and surface level of the original paintwork.

Most scratches are caused by accidental damage from minor accidents in car parks, supermarket trolleys, children and sometimes, even adults. London Bumper Repairs chips and scratches repair process can restore back to an undetectable level. The advantage of being a mobile service is, we’re able to come to you for a FREE on-site inspection to ensure we are able to provide a repair that exceeds your expectation.

We can colour match over 55,000 different vehicle colours on-site, providing you with an accurate and cost effective alternative to a respray.

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