We know how it feels when your vehicle gets damaged, but there’s no need to get upset. Whether your vehicle had a fight with your garage door or you came back from the shops to find a damaged panel and no one in sight, we have you covered.

Our mobile team of experienced technicians has the knowledge and skills to repair any bumper repairs from minor scratches and dents to major cracks, tears, holes and dents. If you have thoughts of it needing a replacement, contact us first and you may be surprised at what we can fix.

We can provide a specialist mobile repair solution to fix scuffed, scratched, chipped, cracked and dented bumpers.

Using the latest in repair materials and equipment we bring our mobile workshops to you to carry out lasting, quality repairs at either your home, work or anywhere that’s convenient for you.


The process starts with giving the damaged bumper a thorough clean and degrease.

Any damage is then repaired using tried and tested methods and materials.

After the bumper damage is repaired a 3 stage paint process of priming, base coat and lacquer is then professionally applied to restore the original finish.

Any minor dust particles are then removed and the new paint is machine polished back to a high gloss.

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